Daily Protective Face Mask

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Daily Protective Face Mask. Bacterial Filtration Rate >95%. Multi-Layer Protection. Dust Prevention. Ventilation. High quality filter layer, effectively barrier micro-particle inner layer anti-allergy test non-woven fabric, soft and comfortable, use more safe and sanitary. Applications: Clean Room, Critical Environment, Food Handling, Production, Industrial Manufacturing. Valid Period: 2 Years.


Points to Note for Wearing a Mask Correctly! Fold and extend the mask. Wear comfortable mask, gently press nose clip close to face. Pull the lower end of the mask down to the lower jaw and trim around for protection. Instruction for Use. 1. Wash hands and adjust mask to fold the side of the face outwards with the nose clip facing up. 2. Pull back the protective layer of the mask to the lower jaw and make sure the nose, mouth and chin are properly covered. 3. Press the nose clip at the tip of the mask with fingers to make the mask fit with the bridge of the face, and adjust the overall position of the mask to ensure tightness.


WARNING!! Take off the mask by grasping the elastic and pulling them of your ears. DO NOT touch the mask while removing – it may contain germs. Dispose the mask after use. Wash your hands carefully.

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