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DAS Labs Pump-Ocalypse


Sku: SL1211032


PUMP-ocalypse is not for those who would abuse its power. PUMP-ocalypse is for those who train in preparation for doomsday. It’s for those brave enough to flex before a mirror — not for mere vanity, but to assess their work of art. It’s also for anyone who seeks more than to simply look good — not that there’s anything wrong with that, wear those gainz with pride. We added Peak O2, a trademarked adaptogen clinically shown to increase strength over time. That way, no one can ever accuse you of being “all show,” and if they do….joke’s on them. Flex on your haters and when that’s not enough, out lift them too. WARNING: Potential Side Effects May Include: Painful pumps Vascularity: never before seen veins become visible Crippling quadriceps pump — bring a wheelchair Compression pants may be forever altered from glute gains Torn shirt sleeves are not unheard of — wear a tank top Becoming too strong for your own good (kidding, there’s no such thing)



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DAS Labs Pump-Ocalypse