MHP Adrenaline Drive

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ADRENALINE DRIVE is a totally new high-powered energy experience that will kick your workout into high gear. ADRENALINE DRIVE’s Fastsorb mentholated tablets provide fast absorption, increased bioavailability and potency of its powerful energizing ingredients which include 150mg Caffeine, Yerba Mate standardized at 20% Theophylline, Mucuna Purines for intense focus and Huperzine.* These powerful mentholated Fastsorb tablets provide a minty cool sensation that opens up your air flow passages and enhances your breathing to help increase cardio output, delay fatigue and boost fat oxidation.* ADRENALINE DRIVE can be taken as a pre-workout or at anytime throughout the day to give you a fast energy boost that will last for hours. ENERGIZE IT! 150mg CAFFEINE 75mg YERBE MATTE 5 CALORIES 0 SUGARS Informed-Choice Certified: Trusted to be clean, ADRENALINE DRIVE is Informed-Choice Certified for no banned substances on the WADA list, and produced in an GMP Compliant Facility, so you can be confident you are getting the highest quality energy product available. With ADRENALINE DRIVE You Can Step Up Your Cardio, Energy and Fat Burning! #MHPSTRONG

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