Redcon1 Canteen

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Maintaining proper hydration goes beyond the simple act of consuming water. And, if you’re an athlete or active individual, there is a very important relationship between adequate hydration and performance. Hydration not only plays a vital role in regulating fluids, temperature and pH levels in the body, it’s also essential in supplying nutrients that fuel your energy, endurance, and recovery processes. Meet CANTEEN – one of the most advanced hydration formulas available for maximizing performance. Don’t just take our word for it – compare the supplement facts of CANTEEN with any leading hydration drink. This comprehensive formula is specially crafted to ensure optimal hydration and support your body’s functioning during and after exercise, as well as throughout the day. Here’s how: Dehydration can occur when the body loses fluid through sweat, increased body temperature, heavy breathing, or daily activity. With intense training, dehydration can occur more rapidly or severely. When cells lack fluids, they are unable to perform at their best. Relying solely on water for rehydration may not be sufficient to replenish the body’s fluids. That’s where CANTEEN comes in – it contains essential electrolytes like Sodium, Potassium, and Magnesium that aid in restoring lost fluids and reestablishing optimal hydration levels. And then CANTEEN takes hydration even further.

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