DAS Labs Bucked Up RTD

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BUCKED UP Energy is blended with the devil you know — 300mg of natural caffeine in our Original Formula. Dynamine and TeaCrine to provide time-released, longer-lasting energy.* Nootropics Alpha GPC and Huperzine-A to boost your brain.* And of course, Beta-Alanine — to tell your body it’s time to work. Or party. You decide. We didn’t start with soda. We’ve never dumped caffeine into something and tried passing it off as an “energy” drink. Because we know energy. Not just the energy you get from caffeine – we’re talking REAL and LONG-TERM POWER. We helped athletes achieve their fitness goals. Now we’re here to help you, whoever you are: The entrepreneur with a sales pitch to dominate. The college kid with a mid-term to ace. The gamer with competition to smash. And even you: The stim-junkie who just won’t crash. Natural caffeine-as well as game-changers the other guys haven’t heard of: Dynamine & Teacrine for long-lasting energy.* A. GPC & Huperzine-A to boost your brain.* Everything you need to tell your body it’s time to work… or party… …or whatever.* You decide.