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Gen One Oxy Lean


Sku: SL1541000


SPECIFICALLY FORMULATED FOR THE AMERICAN LIFESTYLE! Let’s face it, we all have a tougher time getting lean than we used to. We no longer have the luxury of eating and drinking reckless amounts of calories while still getting lean and toned. This is exactly why Oxy Lean was developed. To give people who workout and eat right a much needed edge. Because nature forgot to. POWERED BY THE SCIENCE OF THERMOGENESIS: Thermogenesis is a process that increases heat production in the body so body-fat is used as energy. This is helpful to you because it helps your body get leaner faster as you work out. Thermogenic Oxy Lean is proven to enhance metabolism, burn calories and boost energy where it’s needed the most. For maximum results, use Oxy Lean with a healthy diet and exercise routine. HAVE YOU HIT A PLATEAU THAT’S STOPPED YOUR PROGRESS NO MATTER HOW HARD YOU DIET AND EXERCISE? If so, we recommend you give Oxy Lean a try!


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