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Purus Labs Creatine ATP


Sku: SL1201052


CREATINE ATP is the perfect combination for anyone looking for more strength, power and gains in the gym! Creatine aids in energy production but requires a loading phase to increase muscular creatine content. Adding a blood flow catalyst to creatine, like PEAK ATP, enhances the effects while promoting en- ergy and endurance. Oral supplementation of ATP helps to deliver nutrients and oxygen to the muscle during exercise while increasing the ability to activate the muscles through releasing calcium, which promotes strength and power gains! Peak ATP helps to increase and maintain the amount of calcium in the muscle cells, generally leading to more weight potential and more reps. Peak ATP helps to recycle ATP in the body resulting in efficient anabolic signaling. Overall one can expect a massive assist in strength and energy from Creatine ATP.



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Purus Labs Creatine ATP