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Purus Labs KetoFeed


Sku: SL1201022


FUNCTIONAL FUEL: The Ketogenic diet should be easy to stick with, but in a carb-run world, things can get tricky. While everyone is different, we are all fundamentally very similar. Our bodies were not designed to run on carbohydrates as a primary food source, especially refined ones like sugar and flour. Instead, our bodies are genetically programmed to use fat and protein to get energy. Additionally, when following the ketogenic diet, people often lose hard-earned muscle as quickly as fat. With the low amount of protein required by the ketogenic diet, it’s hard to meet the protein demands of growing muscles. A diet needs to become a lifestyle, a way of eating that ensures the weight stays off and your new look stays on. If you can’t stick to the diet and turn it into a lifestyle, then what is the use? We at Purus Labs ran into similar problems, and decided to do something to make things a little easier on ourselves and our fellow Ketogenic dieters. Enter, KetoFeed.



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Purus Labs KetoFeed