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Alpha Lion Superhuman Armor


Sku: SL1641036


Right now, a healthy immune system is more vital than ever before and for serious immune system strengthening, you need serious defense. That’s why we created SuperHuman Armor – an innovative new immune support formula loaded with 7 of the most powerful immune-boosting ingredients on the planet! No Proprietary Blends, No Fillers, No B.S. And most importantly‚Ķ No Excuses! Here at Alpha Lion, we make sure you’re 100% confident knowing exactly what EVERY ingredient is doing to help boost and strengthen your immune system. When it came to something as important as immune defense, we refused to formulate with less than the best. SuperHuman Armor’s charge against weakened immunity is led by a dominant trio of patented ingredients sourced from the highest-quality materials available.


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Alpha Lion Superhuman Armor