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Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals utilizes 20 grams of the highest-quality grass-fed, Type I and Type Ill collagen which makes up 90 percent of all the collagen in your body and is critical for maintaining the youthful function and appearance of the skin, hair, nails, lean muscle metabolism, smooth digestion and so much more. Hi-Tech utilizes SOLUGEL, which is composed of high-quality collagen peptides. SOLUGEL is an instantized and advanced hydrolyzed collagen peptide formula, Hi-Tech’s premium collagen powder allows for maximum absorption and potency. This means it can be broken down, converted, and absorbed back into the body to rebuild joint strength, fill in fine lines and promote graceful aging much more effectively than non-hydrolyzed collagen brands. Containing 19 amino acids, Collagen Peptides are enzymatically formulated for enhanced bioavailability and absorption to support bone and joint health, and benefit the body’s overall cellular structure, so you can live, look and feel good, inside and out. Moreover, SOLUGEL’s benefits have been clinically proven: with its long-lasting satiety effects, SOLUGEL is an ideal protein source to support weight management diets, while significantly improving skin’s elasticity, firmness and hydration. Several clinical studies have proven the health benefits of collagen peptides in relation to the skin, bones and joints, weight management and sports nutrition. Sourced from the highest quality raw materials, the bioactive SOLUGEL collagen peptides are produced from a strictly controlled process that uses a unique biotechnology which results in consistently premium quality.

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